43 Forum: Improving Customer Care at the Cleveland Water Department

CLEVELAND, OH (5/9/10) - New waste collection fees go into effect this month.  They start at $8.25-monthly and will increase annually until 2013.

Cleveland is facing a multi-million dollar deficit and this is one way to pay for the collection without taking money directly from the general fund.

The water department is working to improve its customer service.  The have been plagued with complaints of long wait times, unread meters, out of order meters.

The Division of Water is implementing a new customer care and billing system and hosting customer service fairs in Cleveland and Suburban communities.

It has also teamed up with Dominion East Ohio Gas to offer optional service contracts to all its residential customers.

They include water line replacement, sewer line repair, In-home plumbing repair and premium In-home plumbing repair (includes fixtures).

For more information - 664-3130 for the Cleveland Division of Water or click HERE.