Carey Cares: Famous Funnyman, City Council Hold Forum to Help Revitalize Cleveland

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's no secret that funnyman Drew Carey LOVES Cleveland.

The city's native son has based a large chunk of his career on the struggling city, and now, it's the focus of a new documentary series.

Learn more about the series, watch an episode HERE

Carey recently produced a series of provocative online videos with the Reason Foundation entitled, Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey, in which they outline a number of steps the city should carry out to reverse loss of funding, business and industry and population.

Carey and editor-in-chief, Nick Gillispie, presented their views face-to-face with Cleveland City Council during a forum on Thursday morning.

A criticism of the documentary is that it only offered simplistic solutions to very complex problems.

"A lot of it is general, one of the reasons is it was in 10 minute segments and it was a lot of broad strokes cause we had a lot to cover in a very short time," said Drew Carey.

But, as one long time councilman pointed out, not all the problems were created here.

"When you look at where we're at today its because of a series of blows over the years that have been done repeatedly to the city," said Collinwood Councilman Mike Polensek sternly.

The meeting was not all contentious. As an ice breaker, Council President Marty Sweeney played a Price is Right pricing game with Carey using Cleveland products. He only got one chance to rank them lowest price to highest - he lost.

No showcase showdown for Drew, and it wasn't a showdown at council, either. Reporter Paul Orlousky describes it as a lively debate.

If nothing else, the most basic agreement around the table are that the problems exist. Now, what can be done to solve them?

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