TV Star Dies: Diff'rent Strokes Actor Gary Coleman Passes Away at 42

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(CBS) - Actor Gary Coleman has died after a fall at his home in Utah.

Gary Wayne Coleman capitalized on his small stature for the biggest role of his acting career,
"Diff'rent Strokes."

Playing the part of Arnold Jackson, an adopted child who along with his brother Willis, lived with a wealthy widower and his daughter.

Coleman's trademark line, "What you talking about??" was delivered in most every episode.

But when "Diff'rent Strokes" went off the air in 1986— Coleman who was born with a kidney disease that stunted his growth at four feet eight inches and left him needing daily dialysis; struggled to hold on to his fame.

He lost most of the money he made from the show and sued his parents and financial advisors for mismanaging his trust fund.

In 1998 he was in court for assaulting a woman while he was shopping for a uniform for his job as a security guard. Coleman denied the assault and then finally admitted on the stand that he struck the woman.

Coleman had recently lived in Utah with his wife. He fell at his home and was rushed to a hospital and slipped into a coma and died.

Gary Coleman was 42.

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