Low Life's: Punks Steal Wheelchair & Freedom from Handicapped Woman

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It takes a real low life to rip off the handicapped.

This time not only did some punks steal a local woman's property but they stole her freedom, as well.

Cordelia Simpson has been trapped, a prisoner of sorts, in her own home ever since someone stole the ramp for her wheel chair right off her house.

"It's pretty important. It's my mobility to get in and out of the house," says Simpson.

Police say if the latest incident is the culmination of a rough week for the Simpson's. Their home was broken into twice, and the family's three legged dog was beaten and kicked possibly by crooks.

"They have no reason to kick it except to hurt her."

Ms. Simpson has a degenerative bone disease that makes walking with a stroller painfully difficult.

Her option is a wheel chair but without the ramp she has no option.

A fund to get Ms. Simpson a new wheel chair has been set up in her name at the Lorain National Bank.

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