Fired prosecutor facing more bribery charges

CLEVELAND (AP) - A fired prosecutor has been charged with four additional counts of taking bribes to fix cases.
The four counts filed Tuesday against Aaron Phillips, 37, are in addition to two bribery charges brought against him in February.
Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason said the additional charges resulted from claims by four more people that Phillips had offered to fix cases for them.
Investigators concluded that Phillips had accepted more than $5,000 in bribes but had never contacted judges to help defendants get lighter sentences, Mason said.
"He would take their money and make them believe he could affect their cases when, in fact, he couldn't," he said.
One of Phillips' lawyers, John Carson, said his client had
gotten involved with drugs, which led to his legal problems.
"He started running with the wrong crowd and telling people that he was a prosecutor and could do things to help them," Carson said.
Mason fired Phillips when the original charges were filed.
His trial is scheduled for June 2.
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