The Kings: Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James Speaks Out About His Future

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - New information surrounding LeBron James and his highly-anticipated free agency next month.

LeBron sat down for an interview Tuesday that aired Friday evening with Larry King and told the CNN talk show host that Cleveland has "the edge" when it comes to keeping him. LeBron said he is comfortable in Cleveland.

Money apparently doesn't matter to the King either. During the interview LeBron said that whether he plays basketball or not, the money will come and his family is set for life. He just wants to win a championship. That is all that matters. NBA rules say no team can pay him as much as the Cavaliers can, let alone more. So it's up to them to convince LeBron that they can give him just as good of a shot to win as any place else.

LeBron said it was going to be a very interesting summer and he was looking forward to it come July 1st when he and other superstar ballers get together and talk out the different scenarios.

Some of the teams the King could play for are the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, L.A. Clippers and the New York Knicks or New York Nets. LeBron may have dropped a clue when he said that Cleveland is the sentimental favorite even though his favorite team growing up was the Chicago Bulls.

In the end, the only real new information from the interview was that LeBron James likes Lady Gaga, and that he'll attend her concert when she hits Cleveland in July.

Until then, Cleveland Cavalier fans can keep their fingers crossed that the King will stay and play!

The interview aired the same day that Cleveland Cavaliers GM Danny Ferry resigned.

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