Dr. Sanders Contract still up in the Air

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland schools CEO Dr. Eugene Sanders, faces an uncertain future. The deadline to renew his contract is today.

So far, no word from the school board.

Sanders still has a year remaining on his current contract.

With no extension yet, Sanders could walk after next school year.

Meantime, Mayor Frank Jackson released this statement concerning his Dr. Sanders contract:

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is in the midst of an historic transformation plan, one that will reshape how the school district educates Cleveland's children, dramatically improve student achievement and offer students greater prospects for success after graduating.

At the same time, discussions have been underway between the plan's architect, Cleveland Schools CEO Dr. Eugene Sanders, and the Cleveland Board of Education regarding an extension of Dr. Sanders' contract. The deadline for reaching an agreement on a contact extension is today, June 1.

Traditionally, we have talked about a one-year extension. Given the current contract, this would extend Dr. Sanders' tenure at the district through June 30, 2012. However, given the immediate issues before us, the magnitude of change that the district is working toward and the amount of time necessary to properly implement the transformation plan, it is important that Dr. Sanders' contract extension is one that will ensure success, create accountability and achieve a significant, lasting and positive impact on the education of our children.

With this in mind, I asked Dr. Sanders and Denise Link, Chair of the Cleveland Board of Education, to extend their discussions regarding the contract extension until July 1. 2010. Chair Link and Dr. Sanders have agreed and will continue their discussions about this very important issue.

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