Michael Symon wants to Cook for the King!

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - World renowned chef Michael Symon of Food Network Fame wants to cook for "The King."

Symon says if Lebron decides to stay and play for the Cavaliers he'll prepare dinner for James and his family and friends once a month!

Here's the letter he wrote to Lebron.

Dear LeBron, I first off would like to thank you for what you have done for the fine city of Cleveland. You have created a energy downtown that has not been seen in years and have allowed businesses to thrive beyond their wildest dreams. I know the decisions you have to make in the upcoming weeks will be difficult and I hope you follow your heart. I truly believe regardless of where you go championships will follow because you are just that damn good and that each city will embrace you (although not as much as Ctown..lol). As a fan of all sports I truly believe the greatest legends have built their status with one team (Emmit, Troy, Jeter, Magic, Bird, Brown, Russell..etc)...hell even MJ will only be remembered as a Bull. Regardless of what you decide I will always be a fan mainly because I know firsthand what a class act you are and would never fault someone who feels they are doing the best thing for their career and family. That being said I hope you choose to stay in Ctown with the Cavs so I can watch you finish what you started which is something not many people get to do. Best of luck, MS

PS...I've never really been one to beg or bribe but if you do choose to stay I'll come over once a month to cook up a Iron Chef style dinner for your family and friends!!

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