Day One: Jurors wrap up for the day in the Case of Accused Twinsburg Cop Killer

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AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Deliberations in the case of an accused cop killer will resume Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m.

Jurors wrapped up Wednesday after deliberating for a couple hours.

They got the case after closings arguments and a short break for lunch.

Ashford Thompson is accused of fatally shooting Twinsburg Officer Joshua Miktarian multiple times in the head in July of 2008.

"No one will dispute. He turns around and he takes his gun from his pocket and puts it, contact with that officer. And he used it and he used it again and he used it again and he used it again", said Summit County Asst. Prsecutor Brad Gessner.

The defense rested after calling only one witness on Tuesday, Thompson's girlfriend.

"You describe the incident or the altercation between Officer Miktarian and Mr. Thompson as a tussle?" Danielle Roberson was asked while on the stand.

"I wouldn't describe it as a tussle. It wasn't like he did something and he did something. It wasn't back and forth like that. It was quick. He hit the ground and I came out to the car," Roberson replied.

Thompson originally pleaded guilty to the murder, but then withdrew his plea. He faces the death penalty if convicted of the officer's murder.

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