Editorial: Political interference in Gulf Oil Spill

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(WOIO) - Faced not only with a potential environmental disaster but also a likely political disaster caused by that oil leak in the Gulf, President Obama and his staff are trying to - at the very least mitigate the political fallout.  With no end in sight to the spill - already the worst in U.S. history - the administration has adopted a strategy of anxiously pretending that the federal government is fully-engaged and in charge of the disaster response. They want to avoid the Katrina blunder that sank President Bush.

The only problem, of course, is that the President and his advisors know that the government isn't capable of finding a solution to the leak if it stumbled over it - it lacks the knowledge and the expertise. All the best minds on the subject work for the oil companies including BP whose well is the culprit.

And there's also the sticky question of risking BP's billion dollar liability should the government try and push the company aside and assume charge of the debacle. But in high stakes politics- it's the show that matters so the white house has now put a Coast Guard admiral in charge of daily TV briefings and Attorney General Eric Holder has been dispatched to the Gulf to make loud and visible searches for possible criminal wrongdoing by BP. Unfortunately, all of this bluster and chest-thumping will do nothing to stop the flow of oil.

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