Rejuvenate: New Additions to the Flats May Not be so Family Friendly

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The city is always trying to bring new businesses downtown.  But some new additions in the flats don't exactly promote a "family friendly" image.

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club opened in it's new location Wednesday night.

It's a brand new 12-thousand square foot building on the East Bank of the Flats.

It's right down the street from the Diamond Men's Club.  Management is happy to have the Hustler as a neighbor because Center Street is now the place to go for adult entertainment.

Meanwhile over on the West Bank of the Flats, the Rock Bottom Brewery is now closed and there are plans to build a 9 million dollar aquarium in it's place.

It'll be geared towards families. Builders of the aquarium are hoping to draw hundreds of thousands of tourists to the Flats.

But those tourists and their kids will walk out the front door of the aquarium and see another strip club. Christies is Cleveland's largest.

"Thankfully,, it's all kind of separated. There's separation between the stuff on the river which is focused on families and entertainment, and the adult entertainment which will be back further off the river," said Tami Brown with Positively Cleveland.

Planners say the rejuvenation and re-organization of the Flats is a work in progress. The re-location of the Hustler club is part of that.

But if plans for the new aquarium are scaled back even a little, strippers will continue to outnumber the the Flats.

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