Camera Shy: New Strangler Judge Bars Camera from Courtroom Until Jury is Seated

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - New developments in the Cleveland Strangler trial.

The new judge in the case - Judge Ambrose - has ruled against a motion to move the Anthony Sowell trial unless a fair and unbiased jury cannot be seated.

He even pointed out 19 Action News aired exclusive crime scene pictures of Sowell's home. The bodies of eleven women were found in and around Sowell's Imperial Avenue home back in November.

The judge also banned all cameras and recording devices at all hearings until jurors have been selected. He will then all a pool camera.

19 Action News brass argue that you should see what's happening at hearings leading to the trial - not just hear about it - and have filed a protest letter requesting a hearing.

The trial set for September, but another hearing for Sowell is slated for Thursday afternoon.

Reporter Ed Gallek is working on this and will have the very latest starting First at Four on 19 Action News.

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