Fire Power: Cleveland Judge Files Lawsuit Against Cleveland Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold is pulling out more fire power in her fight with the Plain Dealer.

This, after that fight that led the State Supreme Court to kick her from the Cleveland Strangler case.

Judge Saffold says the Plain Dealer is out to ruin her after reporting that she posted comments about the Sowell case. The paper then tried to tie her racist and homophobic comments on other websites.

Brian Spitz tells 19 Action News "they did these things and published them on Mother's Day right after Judge Saffold's mother died and with in days of her burying her. It's clearly a vindictive attack when some of these are documented to be false."

Even behind the walls at the Plain Dealer there is disagreement over the outing. The Plain Dealer editor thought it was okay, but 19 Action News obtained a video web chat about the outing.

In it, a Plain Dealer columnist says that Advance Internet which runs didn't want anybody outed.  Ted Diadon at the Plain Dealer said "Advance Internet was not happy that we published the name of the account that "lawmiss" was registered too.

Now, Judge Saffold is suing for invasion of privacy, fraud and breach of contract.