Family Time: Mom and Dad Charged after Driving Teen to Fight

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - An entire family is facing charges for a fight between two teenage girls.

19 Action News has learned that one of the teen's parents drove their daughter to the fight and the teen's brother videotaped the whole thing.

Cleveland Police have now charged the 19-year-old daughter for the fight and mom and dad are charged for driving her there. The teen's 17-year-old brother will head to juvenile court for videotaping it on his cellphone!

19 Action News asked the teen's mom why she drove her daughter to the fight and Mauyhan Lenor replied "I don't know anything about that right now."

Lenor seemed a bit confused. She then said "they're trying to say that we took her. She was walking we didn't know. We didn't know where she was."

A teenage witness tells a different story. "I saw the whole thing" she says.

The witness said it happened in her driveway in Cleveland's Slavic Village. "They momma and daddy pulled up let the girl out the car…the girl got out the car and beat her up in the driveway."

Family involved fights are not uncommon in Cleveland, Ohio.

Recently, a 13-year-old girl was shot after a truckload of adults came to shoot up a house and in another case, a teen was attacked by a family and ended up dead.

During the interview with the mom charged in the case, her story changed several times.

Now, both parents and the teenage daughter will face adult charges. The teen's brother will get hauled to juvenile court.

What once was a fight amongst teens has now landed an entire family in trouble.

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