Boil Alert Issued for Kent

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KENT, OH (WOIO) - A boil alert has been ordered for the city of Kent in the area to the West of SR43 (Water Street) and South of SR 59 (Main Street).

A break in a 12 inch water main caused depressurization of the water distribution system in the affected area. Water service is currently in the process of being restored. It is estimated that the repairs will be made within four to six hours. Upon restoration of water service, the water should not be used for drinking or food preparation until further notice.

Boil water vigorously at or near 212 degrees F (100 Degrees C) for one full minute to kill any disease causing bacteria that may be present in the water. (A microwave oven may be used to boil the water)

The City will issue another notice when water tests are completed to insure that the water is safe for drinking. Water test procedures take a "minimum of 30 hours after service is restored.

For further information residents may contact the Department of Public Service at 330-678-8105, or tune into radio station 1620 AM for updated information.

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