Aftermath: Resilient Residents Pick Up the Pieces after Killer Tornado Destroys Parts of Ohio

Lake High School
Lake High School
Tornado path
Tornado path

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MILLBURY, OH (WOIO) - The tornadic storm that killed five people in Wood and Ottawa counties on June 6th and June 7th has now been upgraded to an EF4 strength tornado.

A team of National Weather Service Meteorologists did an extensive survey of the tornado path in northeast Wood County and western Ottawa County on Monday. They group determined that a tornado with an intensity of EF4 on the enhanced Fujita scale with winds approximately 170-175 mph moved through the area.

As many as seven people were originally feared dead, but 19 Action News has learned two victims were counted twice.

FEMA is expected to visit the area on Tuesday, as residents hard hit by the killer storm sift through the rubble. Also on hand to tour the damage on Tuesday, Governor Ted Strickland.

The most intense damage occurred in two locations. The first at SR 795 near Lake High School and then again on the northwest side of Millbury. The damage near Lake High School was rated a strong EF3. The school was basically ripped a part and school buses were trampled.

The damage on the northwest side of Millbury was rated in the EF4 category due to the extreme damage to structures. Giant power towers were bent like toothpicks. It is an almost unbelievable display of the awesome force of nature.

Officials tell 19 Action News that there is a visible 7-mile tornado path that is approximately 100-yards wide.

The damage to homes and buildings is estimated at $100 million dollars. You can help those in need by donating your time and money. People interested in volunteering may call the United Way at 800-650-4357. To make a monetary donation to the Red Cross, click HERE.

In Northeast Ohio, a tornado reportedly touched down in Sugarcreek on June 6th. The National Weather Service was out Sunday trying to determine if there was in fact a touch down. Sugarcreek homes, factory plants and barns were damaged by the storms.

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