Selective: Suburban Thieves Shop Neighborhoods In Broad Daylight

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Police tell 19 Action News that a trio of thieves are shopping neighborhoods looking for homes to break into.

Investigators say the crooks selected the homes during the daytime. They would knock on the door and if no one answered, jackpot! They would pry their way inside.

The thieves take off with electronics, other valuables and jewelry.

A victim in Rocky River didn't want to be identified.

Police say the thieves hit there and Bay village, Strongsville, Broadview Heights, Brooklyn, Brook Park, possibly North Royalton and Middleburg Heights, too.

"And when I went upstairs they had taken all my jewelry and my husband's college ring," said victim.

Rocky River detectives say they caught the crew still with stolen stuff. Suspicious neighbors got parts of license plates. Cops in Brook Park, Brooklyn, Bay Village and Rocky River all joined in following a car and finally caught them in the act.

"We had neighbors help witnesses helping they didn't say I'm not gonna call the police they called the police," said Rocky River Police Officer, Kenneth Thompson.

Police and Cuyahoga County prosecutors just presented a case to the grand jury for dozens of charges against Kyle Podgorski, Michele Foster and another man.

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