Ditched: More Students May Have Been Left Behind at the Zoo

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has learned two Cleveland students may have been left behind during a field trip to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Thirteen year old Denisha Allen was one of 58 Almira Elementary students visiting the zoo.  She says she was moving between groups of kids and was confused about when they were supposed to leave. An employee at the zoo eventually called Denisha's mom when she realized the group left her behind.

"It's not fun being at the zoo by yourself," said Denisha Allen. "Scary" isn't the word. Mom's livid.

"This is my child, my baby, how can you leave my baby at the zoo," said mother, Laniece Glover.

The school called mom about an hour later..apologetic.

"Sorry doesn't cut it. Sorry doesn't cut it for the simple fact if you were doing your job, you call yourself a teacher, she would have known you was missing a student at the zoo," said Glover.

Another parent says her daughter was also left behind.

Eleven year old Eliza Gonzalez says she and her friend were waiting at the pavilion at the zoo just like her teacher told her but no one came to get them.

She says she called another student who told her the bus took off, leaving not just her and her friend but several other students.

"There was about like four or five kids with us and they didn't have no cell phone, they were by themselves, walking.  Some of them had to walk from the zoo to the school," said Eliza Gonzalez.

Eliza's mom went to the school to find out what the heck happened!

"And they made my daughter sign an incident report . That's all they did, no answers."

No answers because the district is still trying to figure out what happened.

They only found out about Denisha after the zoo called saying there was a kid still there wondering where everyone went.

Today a district spokesperson would only say, "we know that one of the things that we have to do especially with elementary students is a head count...and something must have happened with that."

The district says the incident is still "under investigation." That just doesn't sit well with parents who's kids got left behind.

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