Stalking: Repeat Sex Offender Caught On Tape Hunting Down His Victim

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A convicted sex offender is caught on tape doing something sinister.

A man in a sweat suit talks his way into a private school near Downtown.  He says he's looking for a relative, a teenage girl.  In the video it shows he's holding an asp baton, a weapon cops use as he walks with security.

"I just don't see how he got into the school. I just don't see how he got into the school," said victim's grandmother.

The visitor is Jason Williams, a convicted sex offender.

It turns out when he went to the school he was already under investigation for a new case - a sex assault against the girl he tried to visit.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors say Williams finally got stopped by chance. A secretary actually was a relative of the girl so his story fell apart. This case spotlights a problem.

The courts just struck down some rules for how long sex offenders register their addresses and how often they check in with sheriff's deputies.

But even those rules often meaningless.

"He was very nonchalant when he walked in there as if he didn't have a care in the world we can only imagine what he'd have done if he'd been able to come in contact with the victim," said Assistant Cuyahoga Co. Prosecutor, Michael Graham.

In fact just days after that incident, Williams also sexually attacked a niece -- his 'third' sex offense.

He was finally sent away for 30 more years. Yet, another example of how to beat the system designed to protect you.


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