Paper Trail: Delta Overlooks Paperwork, Boards Two Kids on Wrong Flights

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two young travelers connecting through Minneapolis/St. Paul Tuesday evening as part of Delta's unaccompanied Minor Program were inadvertently boarded on incorrect connecting flights as a result of a paperwork swap.

The children were under airline supervision at all times.

Upon learning of the situation, Delta immediately contacted their guardians to advise them that their children had been rerouted to their final destinations and were en route.

Kieren Krenshaw, 9-years-old told the media, "It was just weird I was like I'm suppose to be at Boston not Cleveland... it was just weird." A Cleveland girl ended up in Boston instead of her original destination.

The boy was flying from Spokane to Boston to visit his grandparents. He had a layover in Minneapolis and that's where he says someone made a mistake by switching his paperwork with a girls paperwork. "We're paying them to check on him and be with him... they just threw him in the plane like anyone else... didn't even ask his name to match the paperwork" said Krenshaw's grandfather Larry Kershaw.

The airliner apologized to the families, re-accommodated the children to their final destination cities at no cost, arranged full refunds for the children's tickets, provided credits to the families for future travel and refunded their unaccompanied minor fees.

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