Dare to Bare: Cosmetic Shop Strips to Protest America's Addiction to Oil

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BEACHWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Wearing nothing but barrels printed with the slogan 'Time For An Oil Change Or We'll Lose It All,' LUSH Cosmetics will lead a protest against America's addiction to oil by exposing the truth behind the world's most environmentally destructive project, the Canadian Tar Sands.

The brave shop staff are stepping outside their shop to encourage passersby to sign postcards for President Obama asking him to fund green, renewable energy and put an end to government support for the Canadian tar sands oil, most of which flows through pipelines into the USA.

The naked demonstration takes place Wednesday, June 9th at Noon just outside of LUSH Cosmetics at Beachwood Place.

While the world's attention is focused on the devastation in the Gulf of Mexico, there is an even bigger environmental catastrophe unfolding in Canada, and America shoulders much of the blame. For two weeks starting on June 7th, LUSH Cosmetics is turning its 103 shops nationwide into campaign centers to raise awareness about the devastating impact of the Canadian tar sands. Shop windows will showcase images of the deforestation and open pit mining associated with the tar sands, while in-store leaflets will be handed out to customers asking them to take action by supporting Rainforest Action Network's (RAN) fight to stop the tar sands.

"As a soap shop we make it our business to keep things clean, so we could not sit back and let North America's dirty little secret go unnoticed," says LUSH Campaigns Manager Brandi Halls. "America is scraping the bottom of the barrel, using the dirtiest, most expensive, energy-intensive oil left on the planet. The future has to be one without oil, and we need the government to help us get there by pushing for clean, renewable energy."

"The BP oil spill will last for months, but the slow motion oil spill in Canada's tar sands will continue for decades," says Brant Olson of Rainforest Action Network. "We hope the campaign will raise awareness about the real price of oil and encourage the government to take concrete steps toward a new energy economy."

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