I Spy: Perv Installs Hidden Camera to Spy on Men, Boys at Local YMCA

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GEAUGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Some creep has been spying on men and boys behind bathroom stall walls.

They just found a hidden camera found at a Geauga County YMCA.

It happened in the men's room of a Munson Township YMCA, which is near Chardon.

The freak show perv actually installed an air-freshener unit in the handicapped stall and when a janitor noticed the new addition Tuesday, he opened it and found a digital camera set to record.

"It's disturbing first of all that an individual would go to those lengths but professionally we're a membership driven organization and our responsibility is to the safety and privacy of our members," said Rick Haase,YMCA VP of Marketing.

The camera, which had tape covering up the little record light, is now in the hands of the Geauga County Sheriffs Department.

They believe it had been in place less than 24-hours.

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