Day #2: Jurors Resume Deliberations after Cop Killer Tearfully Pleads for his Life

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AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The same jury that convicted a man of murdering a Twinsburg police officer last week will now decide if he deserves to live or die for the crime.

Jurors are deliberating for a second day this hour. This, after the cold-blooded killer tearfully took the stand on Thursday.

"I just want to say I'm sorry. I can't apologize enough," said Ashford Thompson.

Why is it that after a crime a crying criminal falls back on that -  the 'I'm sorry' line? Decisions and actions have consequences.

25 year-old Thompson knows that now, after he shot and killed Twinsburg police officer Josh Miktarian on July 13th, 2008.

"You don't think about afterwards they're going to be missing a family member or a dad," said Thompson.

Officer Miktarian left a wife and infant daughter. He also left his mom to mourn.

"Ta Mrs. Miktarian . I can't imagine that kind of pain," said Thompson.

Thompson was pulled over for playing loud music. His girlfriend, who saw the execution style murder, says Officer Miktarian was rude and irritated and that he slammed Thompson onto the hood of the police car.

"I see and hear this dog barking and he tried to put me in the car with that. And by the way, when I'm getting off the ground he threatened to release the dog on me. I think he said something like don't do anything stupid," said Thompson.

Thompson's feeble explanation as to why he freaked out and killed Officer Miktarian - "The night it happened I told them I did it and I told them why. So I never tried to hide or get out of this."

Thompson, armed with a concealed weapon, pulled his gun and unloaded four shots into the officer's head.

Jurors rendered a guilty verdict after deliberating only a handful of hours. Thompson originally pleaded guilty to the murder, but then withdrew his plea.

The panel of Thompson's peers will determine whether he deserves to spend his life in prison or if he should be sent to death row.

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