Vandals: Theft Suspect Calls 19 Action News

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BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A 19 Action News report about thieves stealing from the dead leads to a big break in the case and a phone call from jail.

A big find just hours after we reported thieves stole copper vases from the same place they'd hit before and a man in jail for it called me.

Cleveland second district detectives recovered dozens of stolen vases from the Brooklyn Heights Cemetery.

William Vandyke went to court Thursday morning.  He's accused of looking to sell those vases and more for scrap.

He was already facing charges for ripping off the same cemetery. From jail he called 19 Action News and of course he blamed it all on another guy quote, "he wanted a ride to the scrap yard. I didn't know what he had in the bag was stolen. I've never turned in any of these things ever."

In court there was a push to keep him in jail.  The courts can figure out who did what. At least now a lot of families can go back to putting flowers at the graves of loved ones. Respect for the dead is no longer for sale.

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