Reckless: New Mom Charged in Five Car Pileup

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BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Imagine minding your own business - driving down I-77 when a car suddenly comes to a complete stop in the fast lane!

20 year old Delicia Robinson was driving the car.

Robert Sloan was right behind her.  He was able to stop, but three more cars behind him ended up in a chain reaction in a five car pile up.

Robinson, who was pregnant at the time had this explanation.

"I had a contraction didn't know what was going on I panicked and stopped the car on the freeway," said Robinson.

The police report however says she was fighting with her baby's daddy in the backseat.

She denies that claim, but another girl in the car with Robinson told me they were fighting.

"It was very reason for anyone to stop in the middle of the freeway suddenly like that," said Sloan.

Little Donald Rice III was born healthy minutes later at the hospital.

"I just want this all to go away. I had my baby. I'm happy," said Robinson.

Robinson was charged with reckless operation, disorderly conduct, and assault.

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