Safe at Sea: Missing Teen Sailor Found Alive, Well

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(WOIO) - Good news from the California teen trying to sail solo around the world.

16-year-old Abby Sunderland has been found alive and well. She went missing after sending a distress signal from the Indian ocean.

A plane chartered to look for her has been in touch with her over radio.

"We're very happy to report that just after 4 o'clock this afternoon, the Quantas A-30 Airbus which was chartered to go and search for the yacht 'Wild Eyes' in the Southern Ocean has confirmed visual and radio contact with the vessel," said Mick Kinley of Australian Maritime Safety Authority. "Abby is safe and sound at this stage, she is well.  As I said, the vessel has been dismasted, but otherwise it is sound.  She reports it's not taking on water, so we're in a lot better place than we were early this morning."

"Now we move into a rescue phase where the nearest vessel, which is a fishing vessel, the Il de la Reunion, is around 24 hours away, she's making all speed to the site of the vessel, and we're hoping that they'll be in a position to affect a rescue tomorrow," Kinley added.

An Australian search plane makes contact with a 16-year-old American on a solo voyage around the world. Abby Sunderland had sent out a distress call during a severe storm in the middle of the Indian Ocean, after loosing satellite phone contact with her family in California. The search team says the girl's 40-foot vessel is disabled. A French fishing boat should arrive  
at her location in the next 24 hours.