Fight Back: Would-Be Robber Shot Dead by Family During Home Invasion

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TAKE BACK OUR STREETS: CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Cleveland family comes together and fights off an armed man who had muscled into their east side home overnight.

It happened at 1:30AM on Lamontier Avenue.

One of the home's residents was sitting on the front porch when Reginald Wright - armed with a shotgun - approached. 30-year old Highland Hills man forced the man to remove his clothes and then forced him inside.

Arlen Clark was asleep inside the home, but was startled awake to find his nephew naked and an unmasked gunman in the house.

"He made us lay down on the bed and began to beat us across the head with the butt of the gun," said Arlen Clark.

Clark's elderly mother, Josephine, heard the noise from the home's second floor. Once the gunman saw her, he forced the two downstairs and threatened to kill her.

That's when Clark and his nephew sprung into action. Clark grabbed Wright around the head and wrestled the gun away, but Wright reached into his pocket for another hidden handgun.

"I pulled the trigger alright, the guy was gonna kill us, he was not wearing a mask had gloves on. He's not going to leave us alive," said Clark.

Wright suffered gunshot wounds to the head and chest and was pronounced dead on the scene. He has yet to be identified pending family notification.

As a result of the struggle, Clark, his nephew and mother all were taken to Metro. Clark had to get 15 staples in his head. His nephew is still hospitalized with 20 staples in the head. Despite being knocked to the ground by Wright, Josephine is fine.

"He's dead now, thank goodness, and that's where he need to be," said Josephine. "I'm sorry, but that's where he need to be."

The investigation is being handled by the Cleveland Division of Police Homicide Unit.

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