Death Row: Jurors Recommend Death Sentence for Convicted Cop Killer

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DEATH SENTENCE: AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Jurors have decided the fate of a man they convicted in the cold-blooded murder of a Twinsburg police officer.

The jury recommended Ashford Thompson be sentenced to death for shooting Officer Joshua Miktarian multiple times in the head in July of 2008. The jury's decision was reached around 10AM Friday morning after a full day of deliberations on Thursday.

The cop killer tearfully took the stand on Thursday after showing little to no emotion throughout the entire trial proceedings, including when he was found guilty in Officer Miktarian's murder.

"I just want to say I'm sorry. I can't apologize enough," said Ashford Thompson on Thursday.

All emotion was gone on Friday, however, as Thompson sat stone-faced during the jury's decision.

Thompson was pulled over for playing loud music. His girlfriend, who saw the execution-style murder, says Officer Miktarian was rude and irritated and that he slammed Thompson onto the hood of the police car.

Thompson, armed with a concealed weapon, pulled his gun and unloaded four shots into the married father's head.

The judge will officially sentence Thompson to death row on June 23rd.

The Twinsburg police chief released the following statement upon hearing Thompson's sentence:

Today, a jury in Summit County having found Ashford Thompson guilty of the aggravated murder of Twinsburg Police K9 Officer Joshua T. Miktarian recommended the only possible sentence appropriate in this case - death.

The jury recognized the brutality of this case - that Officer Miktarian was executed in cold blood while faithfully and lawfully performing his duties as a police officer for the City of Twinsburg.

The jury saw through Thompson's false humility; observed his arrogant and callous disregard for the life of our friend as well as the Jaws of our society; and determined that the only proper sentence for his crime is death.

On behalf of the City of Twinsburg, the Miktarian family, and law enforcement through the State of Ohio, I want to thank the jury for their service and their courage. I am also confident that the judge will impose the sentence recommended by this jury, and that the sentence will be carried out expeditiously.

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