9-1-1: Cleveland Dispatcher Known for Botched Calls Could Get Job Back

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The next time you call 9-1-1 your call could be answered by one of two Cleveland dispatchers who are making headlines for botching calls.

A Cleveland police dispatcher is fighting to get her job back even though she mishandled a call about a murder. Another dispatcher who fell asleep during a call just quit.

Paula Barksdale snoozed during a call.

Other times, bosses wrote her up repeatedly for messing up calls--taking wrong addresses, not getting names, and giving cops wrong information.

The city took steps to fire her but Barksdale just resigned.

Now, a hearing was just held for Donna Yousef asking an arbitrator to force the city to hire her back.

Yousef was fired after she blew off a call about a man beaten and dumped in a truck.

The man was later found dead, his body burned to small pieces.

Yousef is arguing her punishment is too stiff.  The city expects the arbitrators ruling in August. Of course if you're calling 911 with an emergency you often don't get a second chance.