Lunch Lady Busted Stealing From Kids Gets a Break

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NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WOIO) - School kids just went on summer break and 19 Action News is just finally finding out if a suburban lunch lady will go prison for stealing from students!

In January, 19 Action News went looking for Geraldine Hollingshead, a cafeteria worker in Chestnut Intermediate Elementary.

Investigators say she stole three-thousand bucks from the kids.

If a student put down twenty bucks to pay ahead for school lunches, Hollingshead would pocket all or part of the money. Then, she would move other school lunch money around so it seemed the books were balanced.

Hollingshead was indicted on felony charges. Cuyahoga County prosecutors confirm she's going into a first-offenders program, but if she stays out of trouble she'll eventually have her record wiped clean.

The lunch lady paid back the money though she never returned calls to 19 Action News.

Hollingshead quit the school job so 'she' won't be back next fall.

Maybe next year the kids will only have to worry about schoolyard bullies stealing their lunch money.

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