By BILL APPPLEGATE, Vice President and General Manager of WOIO/WUAB

MAY 5, 2003

There is an election tomorrow, and if you are not familiar with Issue 15 on the Cuyahoga County ballot, then you certainly have not been watching television.

For weeks now, supporters and proponents of the issue have aired dueling commercials, no doubt leaving a majority of the voters confused about what Issue 15 is all about.

And maybe that's what opponents of the issue want ... because anyone who knows what's at stake would be hard-pressed or hard-hearted to vote no.

Issue 15 is a Health and Human Services levy that would guarantee continued funding for social programs critical to our communities neediest people. If it fails, there will be considerable suffering here.

Yes, it's a tax, but not of the size its opponents claim. It's not a 60 percent increase in property taxes -- no way -- it's more like 3 percent. In other words, if you own a $100,000 home, your tax bill would only increase by $12.50 a month.

With the economy struggling, Ohio has cut $100 million in funding to Cuyahoga County -- money needed to provide the basics of care to human beings who need it. So, when you see those political commercials, the one that matters is the one that urges you to vote yes tomorrow on Issue 15.

Write and let me know what you think. Here's the address:

    1717 East 12th Street
    Cleveland, OH 44114