Cold Case: Cleveland Killer Documentary

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - One of Cleveland's most famous unsolved murders is now receiving international attention.

A German film crew is in town doing a documentary on the death of Gloria Pointer and her connection to Romell Broom.

Broom is a convicted killer on death row for another child's death and he'd always been a suspect in Gloria's death.

Before he was scheduled to die he wrote a letter to Yvonne Pointer, Gloria's mom, saying he didn't do it. Broom is still alive because prison executioners couldn't find a vein for lethal injection.

19 Action News has also learned that investigators just took new DNA in the mystery of Pointer's murder giving Yvonne new hope that after 25 years she may finally see justice.

"They just called me out of the blue after 25 years. I asked them were there new leads or something and they just said that this was something they were working on," said Yvonne Pointer.

Yvonne says she's praying the new DNA test or the film solves the mystery.

"I'm hoping somehow the film will help take the story further."

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