In Court: Michael Jackson's Doctor Keeps His Medical License

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(CBS) - The doctor accused in the death of Michael Jackson had a day in court, this time the issue was whether he should keep his medical license in California.

Dr. Conrad Murray was driven into the Los Angeles courthouse underground to keep him away from the crowd of Michael Jackson's supporters.

The pretrial hearing was to determine whether Dr. Murray should be allowed to still practice medicine in California.

Prosecutors argued his license should be revoked to protect the public before he stands trial for involuntary manslaughter of the super star.

But Murray's lawyer told the judge the doctor is still helping people -- practicing medicine in Nevada and Texas and even coming to the aid of a passenger recently on a flight.

The judge ruled Murray can keep his California license saying he doesn't have legal jurisdiction to revoke it.  

"A wrong was done. Michael Jackson deserves justice," said Jackson fan April Smith.

About a hundred Jackson fans gathered out front. All of them want Dr. Murray to spend a lifetime in jail.

If Murray is convicted he faces a lighter sentence.
"I think he should get more than four years. You know, it's a man's life. He was human," said Lesley Cole, Jackson Fan. 

In court, Dr. Murray also waived his right to a speedy preliminary hearing.

For now he can still practice medicine…but in Texas and Nevada, he is not allowed to use anesthetic.

It was a drug designed for use in operating rooms that is alleged to have killed Jackson. 


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