'Pack Mentality' Suspected in Vicious Deadly Dog Attack

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LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) -  A man was killed in a vicious dog attack on Tuesday. It happened on State Route 511 just west of Quarry Road.

Investigators have come up with just one possible motive in this vicious attack - pack mentality.

"My dogs attacked my son. He's in bad shape," Michael Kwya told a 911 operator. "I can't believe my dogs would hurt him."

Kywa on the phone with dispatchers seconds after he found his son, Michael Winters, in the driveway of his home mauled by Kywa's own dogs.

The 30-year-old was face down in the driveway Tuesday morning. It appears many as nine dogs who Kywa kept as pets jumped Winters and attacked.

Mixed breeds made up of rotweiller, pit bull, mastiff and boxer including Winter's own German short hair. They weighed in at 80 pounds each and investigators say the attack could have been from a pack mentality.

Something triggered the Alpha dog or leader of the pack to attack and the rest of the pack joined in.

In 2008, Animal Control investigators were called to the property for a report of dogs fighting. No citations were issued. All the dogs were licensed with the county.

Winters' body was found naked. As the dogs bit him, they ripped away his clothes.

"I want to know if you can stop the bleeding anywhere?" the 911 dispatcher asked Kywa.

"No. He's not bleeding he's just bit up," replied Kywa. "He's probably dead."

Investigators shot two of the dogs on site. The other seven were put down later with a lethal injection. Kywa made the request to do away with all put one of his dogs.

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