Pure Evil: Deranged Man Intentionally Runs Over, Kills Son's Mother

Todd O'Brien
Todd O'Brien

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PAINESVILLE TWP, OH (WOIO) -  Lake County officials are now calling a tragic accident a homicide after a man ran over and killed his young son's mother.

Police tell 19 Action News that Kaylee M. Russell-Martin of Painesville was out walking her 4-year old son in the area of Barrington Ridge and Normandy Drive when the child's father, Todd J. O'Brien, started an argument.

Kaylee called 911 for help, as she had a restraining order against O'Brien because he was stalking her.

"My ex just drove through here and tried to hit me....and he's driving around and he keeps calling my phone and he's like, "Ah, I'm going to run you guys over," Kaylee told the dispatcher.

Kaylee took their son into the house and when she came back out O'Brien started another fight, got into his car and backed over Kaylee, killing her.

O'Brien originally kept going, but eventually turned himself into police.

The Eastlake man was arrested and is currently being held in the county jail. He's been charged with aggravated vehicular homicide, violating a restraining order, aggravated vehicular assault and fleeing the scene of a crime.

The child's parents were no longer together at the time of the crime.

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