Editorial: More Stimulus Spending

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(WOIO) - Call your congressman, folks, and tell him to lock up the piggy bank because President Obama is back on a spending binge. This time, the President has urged lawmakers to quickly approve nearly $50 billion dollars in emergency aid to state and local governments. You will notice the President said "quickly" approve. And that's because the administration hopes to get a hold of the money before anybody knows it's gone. Obama says the money is needed to avoid "massive layoffs of teachers, police and firefighters" and to support the still fragile economy.

While it's an old tried and true political gimmick, by the way, to frighten citizens by threatening to lay off cops and firemen. Politicians, you know, never say they might have to save money by eliminating somebody's well-connected cousin in the county recorder's office. Well, the Democratic majority will try to give Obama what he wants but it won't be easy - even they are feeling the heat from an American public increasingly concerned over the ballooning $13 trillion dollar deficit.

One way they will try to approve this spending is to avoid calling it an additional "stimulus package." Since the original $800 billion dollar stimulus package failed to produce the promised results, they are afraid voters might object to having their pocket picked twice.

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