Get Moving: Schools CEO & Teacher's Union Will Meet on Transformation Plan

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Teachers Union, CEO Dr. Eugene Sanders and CTU President David Quolke have agreed to engage in intense dialogue to resolve matters delaying contract negotiations.

The meeting takes place Friday afternoon.

The announcement came in response to a letter issued by Mayor Frank G. Jackson to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and the Implementation of the Transformation Plan.

In the June 17th letter, addressed to both sides, the mayor stated "Implementation of the CMSD Academic Transformation Plan key to the District's ability to provide a quality education to every child in every school."

Mayor Jackson also said the plan is key to holding all parties-the District, the students, the teachers, the Union and the community-accountable for raising student achievement.

Both Dr. Sanders and Mr. Quolke agree.

"Just as the Transformation Plan provides a blueprint for change, the seven goals of the Transformation Plan will provide the direction we need to resolve any remaining differences," said Sanders.

Quolke said he welcomes the Mayor's call for collaboration.

"We all agree that change is needed to ensure that all Cleveland students receive a great education," Quolke said. "Educators are not bystanders in our schools. We must work together to transform our schools and develop genuine education reform."

The Mayor has asked CTU and CMSD to work toward a resolution on the matter by the first week of July.

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