Cop Cause: Benefit Held to Raise Money for Cleveland Police Officers

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A benefit will be held Friday night in honor of two suspended police officers.

The benefit will be held at the Zone Car Lounge on W. 58th Street in Cleveland at 6pm with a $10.00 donation.

Officers Matt Prince and David Muniz received a 6-month suspension without pay for their failure to investigate or identify a body of a homicide victim on I-90 in April.

The officers apologized for the incident.

"We're very sorry for what happened," said Officer Muniz. "We made a mistake."

"I'm sorry," Officer Prince added.

There had been hard questions because the officers spent long hours in a cemetery before and after the call to investigate a possible body on I-90. The police union argued the cops were there doing paperwork and watching for thieves stealing from the cemetery.

The body of Angel Bradley-Crockett - a mother of three - was found naked, bloodied and beaten along I-90 on April 5th.

Stephon Davis and Latesha Santos are currently behind bars, charged with Bradley-Crockett's murder.

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