Editorial: Guessing at Speeders

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(WOIO) - The Ohio Supreme Court, suffering some form of mass hysteria, ruled recently that police don't need radar or any other mechanical device to ticket you for speeding - all they need is their guesstimate of how fast you were going would be sufficient.

As the Toledo Blade pointed out in an Editorial published this week - the high court's ruling means that an officer's opinion becomes de-facto, beyond-a-reasonable doubt evidence in a speeding case.

If you are cited for speeding, an individual would have no opportunity to contest the officer's opinion - his estimate alone would stand as convicting evidence.

Fortunately, the state legislature, led by leaders from both parties, is preparing legislation to essentially overturn the court's ruling - a ruling which is really mind-boggling when you think about it.

Word from Columbus is that the legislation will be introduced this fall to remedy the situation - a timetable which, in our estimation, is not speedy enough.

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