New DNA Could Tie 2nd Suspect to Toddler Death

Angel Glass
Angel Glass

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – 19 Action News has just uncovered a new twist in the beating death of a child.

Investigators say there could be a second suspect.

The child's mother is already pinned to the crime, but now they say they are taking DNA from mom's boyfriend Larry Wanzo.

Last fall on the city's eastside, police say Angel Glass beat her 5-year-old son Arshon Baker to death. According to investigators, Angel Glass said she used a hair brush to beat her son but DNA found on the weapon is that of a male.

So far, Wanzo had only been charged with obstruction of justice. If his DNA is tied to the murder weapon, he could be tied to killing the child too.

Records show traces of DNA on other objects that may have been used in the killing--for example an extension cord.

What really happened to that child? Months after the murder science may tell us as secrets get exposed.

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