Estranged parents settle fight over daughter's estate

CANTON, Ohio (AP) - A former husband and wife have resolved their legal fight over an insurance payment in their daughter's death that is in excess of $2 million.
Jasmine Backie, 19, was one of three people killed three years ago when a drunken driver sped through a red light and smashed into the car that they were riding in.
Sharon Hall had her daughter's body exhumed for a DNA test while she and her estranged husband battled over the money.
She says Robert Hall is not Jasmine's biological father. But Robert and his attorneys argued that he helped raise her.
On Tuesday, the couple agreed in Stark County Probate Court that Sharon would give Robert $250,000.
Another legal fight might develop, however. A second man claims that he is Jasmine's biological father and is entitled to part of the insurance money.
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