Dumb Dude: Police Finger Bank Robbery Suspect After Brainiac Loses Pants

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MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A dimwitted bank robbery suspect has now been identified, thanks to a pair of pants.

The first thing that went wrong happened as Mark Ortega got ready to enter the front door of the Huntington Bank on Mayfield Road. He picked a bank with a good surveillance camera system.

The pictures show him approaching the teller, the odd glasses and blond wig are clear as day and you can even see him pulling a gun.

He scooped up the cash, just a few hundred bucks, and made his way out the door and toward a fence in back. Quickly, he was up and over it. Then came mistake number two.

"A couple of landscapers saw him run, they picked up some money that he dropped when he landed over the wall," said Mayfield Heights Police Detective Joe Leskovec.

Once over the wall it was clean sailing for Ortega. He had a second set of clothes on under what you saw in the bank. He ditched them as he fled. He might never had been caught but he left a calling card of sorts.

The pants he left behind were the key to this case where the pants inside has his name on it - Ortega's third and final mistake.

It was a uniform pants related to his work which led up back to his place of employment were he was arrested.

Even before the uniform pants angle on Ortega was known, he was already being mocked on web chat pages for robbing a bank on his lunch hour, for thinking it was ok because the bank didn't have one of those no gun signs on the front door and a dozen other things.

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