Census Takers Clarify data with Phone Calls to Residents

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COLUMBUS, OH – Residents that completed and returned the census form via the mail may still receive a call from the Census Bureau. Ohio Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce, Chair of the Ohio Complete Count Committee, explained that these calls to households are necessary to resolve questions about information on census forms.

"Census takers are on the trail to count every person in Ohio by knocking on doors through July 10 and by calling residents at home through mid-August," said Treasurer Boyce. "Many of the census takers are from local neighborhoods. They're earning a living and performing a service that can help the community if people take the time to answer the questions."

Census data determines how more than $400 billion in federal funds will be distributed across the nation for critical community services.

The Census Bureau estimates about eight million households will receive phone calls, while over 48 million homes will be visited by a census taker.

If a census taker calls your home:

1.    The caller will identify themselves as working for the U.S. Census Bureau and the purpose of the call is to clarify information on your census form.

2.    The Caller ID will likely show U.S. Census Bureau.

3.    Census takers will not ask you for a social security number, bank account number or credit card number.

4.    They will not ask about citizenship status or solicit donations.

5.    If nobody answers the phone, the census taker will leave a message requesting you return the call.

If a census taker visits your home:

1.       Census workers carry official government badges marked with their name.
2.       Residents may ask for a picture ID from another source to confirm their identity.
3.       Some census workers may carry a bag with a 'U. S. Census Worker' logo.
4.       Residents may call the Regional Census Center if they still are not certain about the Census Takers identity. That phone number is (313) 396-5200.

All information collected over the phone or in-person by a census taker is kept confidential by law.

The Census Bureau will deliver the population count for every state to President Obama by December 31, 2010.

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