Just Nasty: Irritated Killer Spits on Jury during Sentencing

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ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - A disgusting move by a convicted killer in Elyria.

Neil Simpson was so upset at his murder conviction, that he spat on jurors during the death penalty phase of his trial on Monday.

Simpson was found guilty in the 2007 murder of pizza shop owner Dave Kowalcyzk back in March. On Monday, he was offered the opportunity to make an unsworn statement to the courtroom.

In video captured by the Lorain Journal, Simpson was being led to the stand to have his say. He has objected loudly to the guilty finding and claimed he didn't have his chance to speak. As he got close to the jury box, he spat at the panel of his peers.

After the crude act, Simpson was quickly led out of the courtroom. His lawyers asked for a mistrial, but the judge denied it. When he returned to the courtroom two hours later, he apologized to the judge, but not to the jury. He told the judge he was not mad at him, but he was mad at the jury.

It is unclear if he will face additional charges as a result of his pitiful demonstration. As final arguments were made in the penalty phase on Tuesday, he was kept in his cell at the Lorain County Jail and heard events through a video hook-up.

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