Death Row: Judge Shows No Mercy to Convicted Cop Killer, Sends Him to Death Row

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UDPATE: AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Death row for a man who shot and killed a Twinsburg cop in cold blood.

The jury recommended that Ashford Thompson die for the 2008 murder of Officer Joshua Miktarian earlier this month. Wednesday morning, the judge agreed and imposed the death sentence.

After the sentence was imposed, Joshua Miktarian's parents addressed the court and said that when Thompson killed their son, a part of them died, too.

Holly Miktarian, who is also a police officer, addressed the court and her husband's killer.

"He didn't deserve what you did to him, and you need to take responsibility," Holly said to Thompson. "You need to die for this. Like I said, I represent the men and women in blue and every other color that they wear badges and I'm proud that I was in law enforcement for eight years."

Thompson was pulled over for playing loud music. His girlfriend, who saw the execution-style murder, says Officer Miktarian was rude and irritated and that he slammed Thompson onto the hood of the police car.

Thompson, armed with a concealed weapon, pulled his gun and unloaded four shots into the married father's head.

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