All Shook Up: 5.0 Magnitude Earthquake in Canada Rattles Northeast Ohio

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A powerful earthquake in Canada shook Northeast Ohio Wednesday afternoon.

All over the area, 19 Action News viewers felt the Canada quake. The shaking lasted around one full minute.

The magnitude 5.0 earthquake happened around 1:40PM on the Ontario-Quebec border. [Get more earthquake information HERE]

The Marion Building at West 3rd and Lakewide downtown was evacuated after workers felt the building shake.

Adam Yasinow was in a meeting with a woman from the Cleveland Foundation when the earth started to move. "All of a sudden, everything started shaking very violently," said Yasinow. "She looked over to me and said this is an earthquake. I've lived in India for a while. I know what an earthquake is like. We need to get downstairs right now."

"Suddenly I felt like I was nauseous and it happened again," said Carmella. "Then I realized someone said, did you feel that? And that's when I realized it was probably an earthquake."

But not everyone felt the tremors.

"I didn't feel a thing, not at all," said Scott Tennant. "I have been through three earthquakes in my life, supposedly, and not felt any of them yet. This dates back about 20 years. I must just be oblivious. Must just be me."

People felt the earthquake in Aurora, Painesville Township, Massillon, New Philadelphia, Akron, Metro Hospital, Valley View, Bainbridge, Seville, Stow, Mayfield Heights and Cuyahoga Falls.

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