Editorial: County Politician Sues To Keep Her Job

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(WOIO) - If you ever needed any proof that Cuyahoga County politicians are more interested in what they want than what citizens want, consider the case of County Recorder Lillian Greene.

Greene and other elected county officials will lose their jobs in January when a new executive-led county government takes over here - the result of a new county charter approved by voters last November. But Greene, who earns $74K a year, is more interested in keeping her job than she is bowing to the wishes of the electorate. And so this week, she filed suit to challenge the constitutionality of the new county charter. She argues that she and other county officeholders, those who aren't in prison by then, should be allowed to complete their terms, which in her case is another two years.

Well, Mrs. Greene is adept at figuring out ways to benefit herself at the taxpayers' expense.  She is a double-dipper you know, one of those elected officials who gets paid twice, having retired from the common pleas court to fill the recorder's position - she gets both a salary and a pension. Ms. Greene appears equally adept at audacity having told the Plain Dealer this week that her lawsuit is about principle and has nothing to do with self-interest.

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