Last Stop: With no Contract in place Bus Drivers & Mechanics could walk off the Job

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - They've been negotiating for more than a year now and still no contract for RTA workers.

And now because more layoffs are looming and the company wants to reduce medical benefits union members decided Wednesday night to move forward with a strike authorization vote.

Dozens of union members meeting in Cleveland say they're insulted by the latest contract proposals.

They're also frustrated by what they consider wasteful spending by RTA management but union president William Nix says the number one issue right now is medical benefits.

"We've been asking you to sit down and stop the shenanigans and work with the members. In February members voted down the contract. It wasn't about wages, it was about the medical benefits," said Nix.

Nix says even after 30 negotiating sessions, the union and RTA are not even close to an agreement.

RTA drivers tell 19 Action New that they're willing to make concessions, but they say the companies proposal is unacceptable.

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