Mad Mom: Dead Man's Mother Dissatisfied with Dispatchers Punishment

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two police dispatchers are getting punished for mishandling a call about a car over a cliff.

19 Action News has learned the punishment is letters of re instruction in their files and the victim's mom is not happy about it.

"I think a little more should've been done. Cause I lost a son. I lost a child who has kids. He's a father," said Lillian Beane.

Last fall Damon Beane drove off a cliff on MLK near Fairhill.

A witness who actually watched Beane's car go over the cliff called 911 but dispatchers botched the call and Beane wasn't found until the next day.

Records show an officer did drive around that area but it was dark at the time and he was looking for a car into a guardrail.

The coroner says Beane drowned and drugs or alcohol were not involved.

Lillian says her mechanic found the brakes on her son's car went out and she wonders if he could still be alive if cops had found him right away.

"Sloppy. Just sloppy work. Period," said Beane.

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