Above the Law: What's It Like to Live Like Kevin Kelley?

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(WOIO) - He is the man who is the link between virtually every person implicated in the Cuyahoga County corruption investigation and the probe itself.

Kevin Kelley is the one time deal maker who led investigators to many of those charged.

What is it like to live like Kevin Kelley? 19 Action News looked over the past two years and highlighted how he's been treated versus how others have been treated. And the special treatment he's gotten is stunning.

What if you were caught wheeling and dealing with taxpayers money and after you admitted it in federal court you were allowed to sneak out an employee's entrance and not face reporters questions? If you did all that you'd be living like Kevin Kelley.

What if you stole enough that you could build a million dollar island getaway on your county salary? Then you'd be living like Kevin Kelley.

What if you were allowed to move to sunny Florida to be with your family, who covered for you? And stay for month after month while you awaited your sentence. Then you'd be living like Kevin Kelley

What if you were able to convince the Ohio Pension Board that they should pay you a $60,000 a year disability pension for life because you were stressed by getting caught for what you did? Then you'd be living like Kevin Kelley.

What if you got to hop on a jet to fly to family affairs like a wedding in Las Vegas and stay at swanky hotels? Then you'd be living like Kevin Kelley.

Kevin Kelley is a guy who picked tax payer pockets so you can't help ask when is he going to be punished for it. Not any time soon, it appears. Court records show that earlier this month, he jetted off to Boston to help his stepson move. Think about that. He's too disabled to work, even a job like the cushy do nothing one he had with the county, yet he can go off to Boston and lug furniture.

It gets worse. Kelley's attorney requested the permission to travel on the 17th of this month. The first day he wanted to travel. The judge didn't approve it 'til the 18th. Kelley was on his way to Boston by then. Who gets treatment like that? Kevin Kelley. He broke a lot of laws, you'd think there would be a law against this.

When will it all end? You can read a lot into this filing by Kelley's attorney. He asks the court to indefinitely delay updates he's supposed to submit. The reason, there is no end in sight and until sentencing gets closer, it's needless.

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